New Month, New You


As it is a new month I have decided to take on a new challenge, as part of the One Simple Change Challenge.

The One Simple Change Challenge (OSC) is a challenge to help you beat those bad habits and create new healthier ones. You simple choose a small task, something like, drinking one more glass of water a day and you keep it going for 30days.

The reason you must keep it going for 30 days is because if you are consistent with something for 20+ days then it is more than likely to become a habit. This way before you know it your bad habits are gone and your new healthy ones are there to stay!

The Juice Plus One Simple Change Take a look at this to get a better idea. (This is simply a reference to the challenge!)

However this month, I am challenging myself to two tasks!! I have been a bit slack recently in my training so I am giving myself a 30 day workout challenge to follow. You are more than welcome to try it out for yourselves, if you do let me know, would love to know your progress too.



My second change…. So I have really been struggling to keep a positive mind set lately, not to sure why as usually I am great. So I am challenging myself to meditate for 10mins everyday. Research shows that meditation can increase positive emotions, increase life satisfaction, boost your immune function, and decrease pain. The benefits go on though and I could list them all but for now I want to give it a serious shot. In the past I have attempted to carry out this challenge but I always lose focus or forget and go days without doing anything.

Hopefully this way, I will be more motivated to keep it going in order to show my progress. I found an app called Headspace, which I have used in the past and really like it. It is very simple and easy to follow, plus it sets you up with 10 minute meditations so there is no excuse! Well for me anyway.


Plus they use these funny little animations which help to keep it entertaining.

So that’s my challenge for the coming month and I look forward to writing about my experience. Please let me know if you decide to join in or choose your own challenge, it would be great to exchange ideas.



PS: Don’t worry if you start late… along as you keep it up for 30 days! 😉

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