A little late….

Meditation So I carried out a 30 day challenge during August, in fact TWO 30 day challenges!!!

One was to do with working out and the other was to do with meditation.

I know my update is a little late and I apologise, I am still getting to grips with everything, but anyway I can honestly say it was the best month ever. I am more relaxed, calmer, happier and content.  So I must have been doing something right. The exercise I tired to carry out first thing in the morning, so this would help me be energised and ready for the day ahead. With the meditation, I struggled to figure out when was best to do it. I started carrying it out after my exercise routine, however I then started doing it when I felt I needed it but made sure I did one every day.

The experience of mediation has been amazing, and is definitely something I want to keep up. I mean 10 mins a day is fine for calming you down, gathering your thoughts and just generally relaxing your body but I started feeling I could go longer. So I am now carrying out 20 min sessions, as much as I can. Sometimes time does not allow for me to have 20 mins but something is better than nothing.

I highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking about it, but isn’t 100% sure. Just do it, until then you will never know. I can go blue in the face talking about how lovely it was and this and that but honestly, if you don’t try it how will you ever know if its for you or not. I also started to incorporate some yoga into it as well. I have found that with all the working out I was doing, my muscles were quite tight and my flexibility wasn’t as great as I thought it would be. Again I have found it to be amazing, so relaxing but also slightly hard at the same time. I have now discovered my balance isn’t wonderful either, so lots of things I need to get to work on!!!

Being fit and healthy, is a way of life. It’s a choice I decided to make and I am so happy and grateful that I did. There has been a huge change in me and it just makes me want to keep going, push harder and further!

I YouTube’d a lot of videos and found a couple that I like, but I also found it helped to find and try out different things. Click here to see one video that helped to get me started.

In todays society, people are more closed off and un-open to new things. We so easily go a long with the flow because that is what everyone else is doing, well I am telling you to break the module, do something different, try something new, live life instead of going through the motions from day to day. That is not living that is just existing.

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