Herbal Tea Take Over!

Herbal Tea

As part of my healthy lifestyle I made the decision to drink Green Tea instead of normal breakfast tea, you know PG Tips or Typhoo, which ever you prefer. Every morning, without fail I will have one cup of green tea, usually before I have eaten anything.


Well, I know that green tea is great for boosting your metabolism and so I am giving myself a little helping hand first thing in the morning! Plus it does contain a small amount of caffeine so I am still getting a little buzz too 🙂 I won’t lie, it did take me a little while to get to get to this stage. At first I hated drinking it, usually I would wait until it was lukewarm and then down it in one, but now I can actually relax and enjoy a nice warm cup!

Health Benefits

Did you know that green tea and other herbal teas have some great health benefits?

  1. It can prevent hair loss.
  2. Help with weight loss.
  3. Good heart health
  4. Improves dental health
  5. Helps to prevent Cancer. To name a few….

Do you suffer from sleepless nights, then try Chamomile Tea, its great for relaxing and calming, helping you to fall asleep like a baby.

What if your feeling a but under the weather? Well try some Elderflower tea, it’s great for boosting the immune system.

Now I know we all get stressed at time, so why not try some Lemon Balm. I personally struggle with stress sometimes and need to try this one out!!

Feeling nauseous and sick, well take a few sips on some Ginger tea. Again, I am not a huge fan of ginger…but when you know the benefits it can have on your body you kind of just get over it!

How about feeling bloated? We all get that, even I still do on really bad days, well Peppermint tea is great for settling your stomach.

Tea Freak

I do love a good cup of tea, and I still have a nice big cup of PG Tips every now and then, but decafe all the way. I know caffeine isn’t great for your body as it causes a lot of stress but everything in moderation 😉 I love trying out new flavours and am open to recommendations.

Great little news article off the Daily Mail Online explains a little further into different teas and their remedies. It does make the excellent point of the difference between fruit tea and herbal tea. While fruit tea is great and usually very tasty the ingredients can often be artificial, and we all know artificial is not good therefore you should be looking for organic herbal tea.

Since starting this new habit of mine, I have been given a few different teas to try however some of them have come as loose herbs etc… Now I have never even used them because I didn’t know what to do with the herbs…BLONDE, I know! I used to go on and on about how someone needs to invent a little contraption that slots into your teapot or cup for you to make your own infused teas… well little did I know that someone already had! I couldn’t believe my luck when I came across them in a Lakeland. I have now discovered these little bottles with infusers inside them for when your on-the-go. These bad boys are going on my birthday wish list! 🙂

On The Go Pot

Tea Pot with InfuserClick on the images for the link. However I am sure you could probably find nicer or cheaper ones depending on your preference.

Happy drinking and shopping 🙂

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