10 Day Transformation Challenge

Elite Foundation

My Juice Plus team (The Elites) have put together a 10 day transformation programme for people who are not on Juice Plus but would like to kick start into a healthy living lifestyle. So far we have carried out two lots of 10 days and it has been a huge success. We offer meal plans and exercise plans to follow to ensure maximum results, keeping it fun and silly in the process.

The meals are all gluten, wheat and dairy free. Just because at Juice Plus we believe that gluten, wheat and dairy are not particularly good for you and by eliminating (or cutting down) can make a huge difference. From personal experience of cutting out gluten, I can say I have noticed huge changes. Not only have I lost weight, I have lost that bloated feeling and in general I feel a whole lot better and healthier. Its funny really, because its such a simple task but people don’t want to try it because they think giving up bread and pasta is the hardest thing. It’s really not, there are some great alternatives out there you just have to be open minded and willing to try them. It worked for me…

Our exercise plans are simple as well, we ofter a morning workout as well as an evening workout. Both should be done to the best of your ability in order to get the best results. However I know its not easy to fit one workout in let alone two, but again we are trying to change your habits, your way of thinking from “I can’t do that” to “look at me go!”

We run some competitions too to keep it interactive and fun, for example who can take the best workout selfie, I often post my sweaty selfies because it’s funny I go bright red, or we do a One Simple Change challenge, where you can only take the stairs for the day… and we need evidence…lol so stair case selfies it is!!! And so on, who ever gets involved the most is the winner and they get a little prize. Sometimes Juice Plus related but other times it’s fitness related, like a water bottle with infuser. Scott and I

My partner and I love being fit and healthy but also silly at the same time, we never take anything too seriously which not only keeps us laughing but allows us to enjoy life at the same time. Some people take things to the extreme and literally live, eat and breath work, which don’t get me wrong if thats what you want to do then great, as long as your happy as well, then keep going but you have got to enjoy the little things and be a big kid every now and again. Plus a lot of people think being healthy and fit is boring and you have to be strict, thats not the case at all… if you make it fun then your more likely to want to do it again and again plus its all about mental attitude as well.

The 10 Day challenge is a simple and fun way to get you thinking about your health and your eating habits and to encourage you to look at your lifestyle and perhaps make a simple change for the better.

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