Forget Carbs, Choose the Healthier Option.


6fd213a36b197eed05e8b5bbc1774a64So many people think that giving up carbs is difficult and is one of the main reasons people either fall of the wagon or they don’t even want to start a diet!! Well since I have given up carbs I have found a bunch of ways to have healthy alternatives. Now I won’t lie… yes at first it was hard, those cravings for a bit of buttery toast used to get me all the time, but slowly over time I realised they started to become less and less. The thing about healthy eating and changing your lifestyle is that sooner or later your body adjusts and starts forgetting about those naughty treats, but also if you give your body the right carbs in the right way then you can still enjoy them and your body will naturally start to crave them.

Here are some delicious alternatives you can try yourself:

  1. Cauliflower mashed potatoes – Simple boil it, mash it and eat. Feel free to add some garlic or low fat cheese for extra flavouring.
  2. Spagetti Squash – You need to heat up the squash in a microwave and then using a fork the insides come out like string. I haven’t tried this one yet, I usually use rice noodles in place of pasta. They are very thin but delicious. 
  3. Lettuce wraps – Using a lettuce leaf instead of bread is a great way to cut the carbs out. Add your filling and roll or make it into a taco. I made a lovely tuna and cucumber wrap!!
  4. Cauliflower rice – Blast it in a blender until a rice like texture then fry. Add your favour veg, seasoning or spices.
  5. Kale or Vegetable Crisps – When you want something crispy or salt reach for some of these! They will satisfy your craving and your eating healthily.

So there you have it, some simple and easy swaps you can make to help you keep off the carbs. Good luck and remember, don’t beat yourself up if you fall of the wagon just pick yourself up and carry on!


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