January Detox

Why is it that we make New Year resolutions but never stick to them? Well the majority of us never do anyway. This year I saw a lot of my Facebook friends talking about doing a ‘January Detox’ but then after a couple of weeks it seemed they had forgotten all about it and were back to their usual ways. I also saw a lot of people complete disregarding the fact of changing and made fun of those who were just talking about it or trying.

For me, my ‘January Detox’ was always going to stick as being healthy and exercising often  is part of my lifestyle. I must admit though I did let it slide during Christmas, as I am sure many of us did, being around all those treats and family members who just aren’t on your wave length. Sometimes it is easier to just eat what is on offer than be the odd one out not snacking or ‘enjoying’ themselves, as many would say. So I am guilty! Once we hit January though I was keen to get back to my routine and eagerly  jumped on the sales, to my shock I had put on 8lbs, and I could feel it. I was back to being bloated and tired, not wanting to wake up early or do very much. So I quickly got back to having my plant-based shakes for breakfast and occasionally a second either before or after a workout and almost instantly reaped the benefits. I was energised, positive and could workout more than I expected. I was also taking, along side my shakes, my Premium Capsules, which contain over 31 fruits, vegetables and berries. All of the nutrients, minerals and vitamins my body could need to help detox, cleanse, repair and revitalise. I am forever talking about the products I use because I believe in them, have had first hand experience using them and am aware of the science behind it. So for me, my January Detox is just the beginning of what I know is going to be a wonderful year. I am not far of losing my christmas baggage and am keen to get my body in even better shape than before. There is a half marathon happening in my town at the beginning of March and I am hoping to run in it. That doesn’t give me very much time to get myself ready but I am determined to do it and I believe that when you put your mind to something you can do it.


4 thoughts on “January Detox

  1. Great post!

    As an Exercise Physiologist and busy mum I always promote everything in moderation.

    The body would prefer one diet change than nothing. The body would also prefer just 2 minutes of exercise a day than nothing.

    Taking pressure off of ourselves and just making small changes can sometimes be what we need to keep healthy and active throughout the year.

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