Run Rabbit Run



People always assume I workout a lot and I am a very healthy, fit person. Yes I workout, doing a lot of toning and muscle work but in the comfort of my own home, I sometimes brave the gym but there are always so many guys in there who are scary looking! However this doesn’t necessarily make me fit… I have very low stamina, which considering I played a lot of hockey during my time you would have thought I would be able to run easily for a while. That is not the case!!

At the end of last year, December some time, a friend of my boyfriends and I decided that we would put ourselves forward for the Eastbourne Half Marathon! What were we thinking, I have no clue. We even made a training plan and said we would meet up at least once a week to go running together! As you can imagine, December is not a great month for trying to stick to being fit and healthy and this didn’t really happen. Not only that but my boyfriend caught that nasty cough/cold everyone seemed to have and eventually passed it to me. Then of course it was Christmas time and as you know I ate a lot of food, even though I wanted to get up and exercise I just didn’t, slipping back into my lazy ways. Then our friend came round and said how he had been running and felt great, he was quite excited for the race etc… this made my competitive nature kick in! I didn’t want him to be doing better than me. So I made a new plan, I wanted to run and it didn’t matter when, where or how far I could go…I just had to start. Then the weather was not great and I didn’t have the right clothes to wear, I seemed to find any excuse! Eventually I did and I would run for a few days then something would come up and I would be right back to the start. Recently I went to London to stay with my brother, ended up asleep on his couch in an odd position and ruined my neck…could hardly move for a few days! This was another set back and I was feeling frustrated with myself, then I saw a couple of other people I know on Facebook posting about running, and how great they were doing! Again my competitive nature or jealousy, if you want, kicked in and I am now more focused than before. The closer it is getting to the deadline the easier it is for me to give up and say “oh, I can try next year!” Well, I know when the time comes I will be so disappointed in myself so I am continuing on.

I went for a run this morning and was surprised at myself and my efforts. The last run I went on, I felt I had gone far and done well, but when I stopped to have a look I was disappointed. I felt I had given up as soon as it got hard or I was out of breath. Well this time was better! I was prepared to stop and perhaps catch my breath but I made it half way before having a little stretch and only stopped once coming back as couldn’t breath very well! I managed to run 5K in all and I was so happy! I felt good, energised and ready for the rest of the day! I realise I have left the training right until the last minute, but I have just over a month to get myself in shape for the half marathon and I will do it!!!

I know that I won’t be able to run the whole thing, the course is a rather tricky one, but that doesn’t matter as I want to do this for myself if nothing else! Yes I am helping to raise funds for a charity but at the end of the day but I will feel incredible for completing such a task… I may be one to give up quite easily but I don’t want to be that person anymore and I want to be proud of myself and my achievements. Not only that but I also run because I know how good it is for you, to get your joints moving and your heart rate up. I love putting on some music and getting lost in the rhythm, being free with my thoughts and nothing to stop me! I also love the feeling I get, the self accomplishment and that slight ache in your muscles, it most certainly is a funny thing. A more personal reason to run is because I am not a fan of my thighs!! We all have that one bit of us that takes a bit longer to change…well my thighs are mine.

My journey has been up and down, but quite an easy one. All of the outcomes have been because of my decisions, my lack of esteem and my desire to be better. I have witnessed by body change in ways I never thought it would and the more and more I do the better my thighs are getting, and what I do know is that running is the ultimate thing to do, but it is up to me. Only I can take myself running, only I can make a change and only I can want this for myself. It’s funny to think that I can see it working yet am happy to sit back and watch the hard work I put in disappear again! Well not anymore…


I keep saying I have a good feeling about this year…well this could be the year of even more changes and experiences!







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