Fit February – Just keep going.

So we are half way through February and I am still loving my workouts and healthy living routine! It’s safe to say I have happily and easily shed my Christmas baggage. Back to my post christmas weight and size, but this time I am feeling even better. I have loads of energy and even more determination, with the half marathon coming up and me trying to trainer harder I think has really helped to keep me focused.

Yet, I feel I am coming to a bit of a block. Last week was a very exciting week, I received some good news about some work and things took a turn for the better, meaning I am going to be getting busier, then it was Valentines weekend and you know we all indulge a little. So come Monday I was ready to get back to it and carry on training but it seems that I have put it off, saying I had work to do and meetings to carry out and now it looks like my week it getting busier. With less than three weeks to go before the half marathon I am worried my progress will be hindered. Today I managed to do a 30 min workout in the comfort of my living room, but I need to get back out and do some running, and here I go again with another excuse, the weather has suddenly dropped in temperature and I get so cold so easily. I just don’t want to move.

It’s ridiculous I know, because if I got up and went running I would warm myself up and if I stopped saying I’m too busy and get up a little bit earlier I can fit it all in. There is no reason really for me not to be training, so I ask myself why I am letting myself slip when I have come so far? Managing to run 5 miles the other day was a great achievement. (I know that is nothing compared to a half marathon)but I set myself a goal, that by the end of the month I would have reached 10 miles and that would be perfect for the race.

In all honesty I think it comes down to mind set. I struggle with this a lot, I have never had much confidence in myself but I am working really hard to change that and I have come such a long way already, so it frustrates me even more when I know I’m just making excuses and giving in to my inner laziness. But I guess the good thing is that I have recognised the issue within myself and am prepared to do something about it. Most people would let themselves slip back into their bad habits and not think anything of it until jumping on the scales and not liking what they see, hehe, but for me I am in control and I am going to take charge…I will not let all my hard work up to this point be for nothing!!






2 thoughts on “Fit February – Just keep going.

  1. Girl you look amazing! You can definitely see the definition in your abs coming through. I know what you mean about Valentines weekend indulging… we went for tapas – I guess not the unhealthiest of options. I admire you for liking running, I’ve tried to force myself to like it time and time again but it’s just not for me!! Keep it up xx


    • Aww thanks, appreciate the comments. 🙂 Yer I used to love running then got really out of it, now starting to enjoy it again, helps me to clear my head!! Thank you for the encouragement xx


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