Eastbourne Half Marathon

So on the 6th of March I completed my Half Marathon!!! Oh my god, it was tough, but I still managed to finish it in 2hrs 28mins, beating my friend (ops) and my boyfriend!

IMG_4005.jpgAs you know I had done some training for it, my friend and I managed to complete a couple of 10 mile runs, thinking we were pretty clued up but on the day things kind of crumbled. I had originally made the decision to stay with my friend, to support her when she needed etc. Unfortunately it didn’t work out that way and I soon pulled away from her and managed to catch up with my boyfriend but then came the dreaded hill… Everyone had been talking about it before. I’m not going to lie, it was pretty horrible and majority of people seemed to walk it but once we reached the top, it was plain sailing all the way down. My friend managed to catch up with us and we were a little trio again. Everything seemed to be going well, expect my boyfriend was struggling. He is a smoker and hasn’t done exercise, long endurance exercise, for a long time. Back in October we did a 5k colour run, which he did great in and I was half expecting him to back out of this race, but the more people told him he was crazy and no way would he be able to do it, the more he wanted to prove them wrong. To be fair, he did do amazing and I am so proud of him, but he struggled, not because of the smoking but mainly because of his knees and back.IMG_4002.jpg

Anyway, we must have reached 6/7 miles when I started to break away from both of them again, they had started to walk then jog, and for me it was ruining my pace and making it harder for me so I had to just continue on. It did get rather lonely, even though I had my music on with only one ear piece worked and it felt odd to be running alone and not in a pair as most people were, but never mind.


The one thing that I swear helped me on this journey was my Juice Plus. The day before, my boyfriend and I ate so much food, I actually felt a bit sick but he said it was good to load up! In the morning, I made us both porridge and a plant based protein shake. In the shake, I made sure there was banana, spinach, flax see and chia seeds, for extra energy and nutrition. I then had with me a water belt with a water bottle which I filled up with some more Juice Plus and water, this I carried the whole 13 miles, taking sips every now and then. For me, this was amazing! Even though along the route they were handing out water cups, bottles even jelly babes I did not need them. When I felt a bit tired, I would have a sip or two and then feel energised again. The best thing about it is that Juice Plus is bio-available which means it is absorbed by our bodies straight away. So not only am I giving my muscles an extra nutritional boost but also rehydrating at the same time!

My inspiration for this comes from a man called Dave O’Brien. He has run 4 desert runs, which people can die from doing and he only took Juice Plus. One day when he arrived at the check point, he was exhausted, I think maybe even ill…can’t remember? He had doctors and nutritionists tell him that they wanted to help sort him out, but he refused! He didn’t want any of the crap they were offering. Instead he got up, went to his tent, had his Juice Plus shake and capsules and a little rest. The next day he went on to run for 30 more hours and help a couple of other people who could have died! He is such an inspirational man and one of the reasons I decided to challenge myself. He also gave me the idea of taking my Juice Plus with me and it worked wonders.

I didn’t start to get tired until the 12th mile and then I had a little moment. I almost had a panic attack and I had to really pull myself together, my chest went tight and my breath quickened, but luckily I managed to stop myself over reacting and calm back down. I then even chuckled to myself I think! It’s funny how your mind plays tricks on you.

The best part was finishing though, of course, coming down the home stretch seeing supporters to the side cheering and congratulating you. Then I got greeted by my boyfriends parents, who were so chuffed and pleased for me. They couldn’t believe how well I had done. We then patiently waited for my friend and boyfriend to come it. It was such an amazing day and I can’t wait to try it again next year with some more training, which I am going to continue because I actually really enjoy running. Its so peaceful and refreshing at the same time.


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