10 Reasons to eat more Fruits and Veg

I bet your sat there thinking you know why we should eat more fruits and veg, but do you really know the science of it? Apart from the doctors telling us we should have between 7-10 pieces of fruit and veg in order to live a healthy lifestyle but they don’t educate us on why? Well, it is great if you can eat this much but in our modern society the nutrient levels of our fruits and veg are a fraction of what they used to be so actually you are not benefiting from the goodness at all, plus when you cook, peel or refrigerate fruits and vegetables it also interferes with the structure of the fruit and veg therefore again your not getting the maximum benefits. Also did you know that it is actually the phytonutrients, minerals and vitamins that we want or need from the fruits and veg, and should be consumed every day in order for you health to benefit. However for the majority of us, even being able to consume 7-10 pieces is unrealistic or uneasy to achieve, not to mention costly. That is where Juice Plus can come in, you can get up to 31 fruits, veg and berries into your system for as little as £1.92 a day.

But anyway back to the point. Why you should eat more!?

  1. Fruits and Vegetables are important sources  of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and dietary fibre.
  2. Low in fat and sodium and naturally cholesterol free.
  3. Many of the nutrients and phytonutrients are powerful antioxidants.
  4. Antioxidants are important to fighting “oxidative stress” which can lead to inflammation.
  5. Scientific studies prove eating more fruits and vegetables can help with reducing oxidative stress and help maintain a healthy immune system.
  6. You need a wide variety of nutritional elements from whole based food to work in synergy together to help fight chronic disease.
  7. They contain high amounts of fibre which helps to keep you fuller for longer and aids digestion.
  8. If pregnant, you need folic acid, found in fruits and vegetables, helping to reduce the risk of birth defects.
  9. Animal welfare – It’s hard enough thinking about animals being slaughtered.
  10. Taste. You can make some really delicious meals that are colourful and vibrant helping to keep it interesting.


So there you have it… 10 reasons to eat more fruit and vegetables. Again, I understand this can be expensive to get organic, pesticide free fruit and vegetables so that is where I love to endorse Juice Plus. It is a great, easy and affordable way to ensure your getting all the essentials nutrients, minerals and vitamins you need to ensure your body is getting everything it needs. Also anything else you have on top, which we recommend as we are not saying substitute fruit and vegetables for Juice Plus, will be an added bonus.


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