Branding and Growth Goals

The goal of my blog is to inspire and motivate others but also to show them how living a healthy lifestyle can be easy and simple. I have started and stopped a few various blogs in the past but never really understood how they worked or how to make it grow so I have enrolled on the Branding and Growth course!!

The task is to write down three concrete goals for your blog! So here goes…

  1. To gain customers and to share my journey.
  2. I want my brand ‘Sculpting the New You’ to become well known one day.
  3. Post consistently and engage with others.

If my blog exceeded my wildest dreams, what it would look like is a place where people can get inspiration and motivation, draw from similar experiences and feelings that I share with them and for it to be a place of happiness and positivity! I would love to have a following that is consistently growing but a readership of at least 1000 people would be lovely. Not only will my blog help bring people together and enable me to share a great natural product, it will also be a place others can find help and guidance.



2 thoughts on “Branding and Growth Goals

    • Thank you very much!! If people understood that looking after themselves will help to stop disease and illness it would make life a lot easier 😉 even if I inspire one person that’s great!


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