Elite 45 Day Shred

I am so excited to announce our new and exclusive Elite 45 Day Shred!!


It is a new fitness and health programme using the Juice Plus products to achieve optimum results in 45 days. Perfect for anyone who maybe going on holiday soon or looking to kick start their summer beach body!

I am only opening spaces for the next 5 days so get in touch before it’s too late! Email me at Sculptingthenewyou@outlook.com.

It will involve taking our shakes along side a healthy eating plan and exercise programme. You will be part of an incredible support group where we share hints and tips, meal ideas and motivation, plus so much more. The elites strive to be the best we can be so let’s do this. June is going to be Mega!!

The Juice Plus Complete Shakes are a perfect combination of carbohydrates, protein, fat, dietary fibre, minerals, and vitamins. Made up of a variety of 17 different fruits and vegetables. Everything you need in one meal – so you’re well looked after!

It’s also affordable and a great way to provide you with a balanced meal which costs considerably less than a comparable meal in a restaurant, and even less than a fast food meal. Just ask me for details.


Elite 45 Day Shred
Elite 45 Day Shred

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