My Workout Video is here!

So a few weeks back my friend and I were talking about what I can do to give more to my clients and followers on Facebook. We came up with the idea of workout videos!


So I apologise in advance as these are simply made at home on my laptop so not professional at all. And not a great angle as I don’t have much room but hopefully I will get a few outdoor ones as well.

I simply wanted to show people how easy it is to workout at home with no equipment. I always get asked, how do I stay fit? Well I workout at home and eat well. Simple. Well not for everyone. I find the idea of going to a gym quite daunting. There are usually loads of large, sweaty men taking up all the machines! Also why spend a lot of money, I think, on a gym membership that you probably won’t use as much as you say or think you will?! You can achieve great results at home or outside, when the weather is good!

So many people’s response is, how do you stay motivated? or find the time? Well again, I wake up early (not too early, I love my sleep) and will workout first thing. Not only is this a great way to release endorphins and make you feel good but it helps you get energised for the day ahead. I also find it helps me to clear my mind so I can focus better when I am working. I also schedule it in, like a meeting with an important person! At the end of the day, if you want results you have got to put the effort in and be stronger than your excuses. Yes, we all love our comfort food and getting home from work to melt on the couch. But I promise you if you can push yourself for at least two weeks – a month to workout regularly. You will fall in love with it.


Also you don’t need to work out every day and you don’t need to go crazy! Trust me, I don’t. If you start off doing small, short exercises to get your heart rate and build it up you will not only achieve great results but you won’t over do it and injure yourself. Also it gives your muscles a chance to ease into it, rather than going crazy and walking like John Wayne for the next few days!

So please feel free to check out my first video. I hope to keep making and posting them, with various different workouts. I like to mix it up when I workout, doing the same exercise over and over is not fun! For example my workouts at the min are 30 minute blasts. I do a few different exercises and then repeat this maybe once more, however you can also repeat it as many times are you want, after that I would move on to another little routine. It just helps to break up the routine and more interesting. To me anyway.

Hope you enjoy – Please leave any feed back, I want to learn and grow!




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