Healthy living and your partner

Who else is living or at least trying to live a healthy lifestyle yet their partner, boyfriend or girlfriend isn’t interested and keeps on eating the same crap and sweets in front of you!?

My boyfriend is the WORST! He was once the one who would make comments and remarks to me about what I was eating and how we needed to be healthier, even go veggie or vegan! Being the lovely girlfriend that I am, I went a long with it and would provide healthy meals and so on. Eventually his interest started to fade and he picked up the habit of eating sweets late at night again. Every evening he will make a trip to the local corner shop and grab some goodies for us to munch. I am only human, if there is chocolate out, I am eating some!

So as you can imagine… this has now become a routine of ours which I am constantly moaning at him for. If anything, I worry about his health, all this sugar late at night is not good and he knows it but turns it into a joke and how he’s made of steel…bla bla bla! Not cool. Well, it’s got to the point where I am getting frustrated because am not seeing the results I want – My abs are still hiding, and I know thats because of our late night snacking!

Well, enough is enough! I have taken the problem into my own hands. I went out and bought him a little pack lunch box. This is to help him when he’s out at work as he is always complaining of either not eating because he is too busy or eating the wrong stuff because petrol stations are rubbish! I have made up some amazing energy bites and bought in a load of things to make for him to have. So far I have made him a couscous salad and yesterday I made a batch of pasta salad which should last the rest of the week.


I will be taking some before and after pics to show how much changing your habits and eating healthy can do. Don’t get me wrong he isn’t fat or unfit at all, his job is very demanding so that helps but he wakes up tired and falls asleep very early. Which is another reason why I felt he needed a change. Hopefully we can keep it up and he will see some results. I am also making home cooked meals and providing clean treats to have in the evening. Not only will his health improve but I would like to think we will be able to save a lot of money, as he won’t be buying Mac Donald’s, crap food or sweets.

If your partner is difficult like mine, I would really recommend taking matters into your own hands. I know you can’t force them but you can take little steps to help them make the right choices. Also if you take temptation away then they are less likely to want it.

Wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “Healthy living and your partner

  1. Luckily my partner wants to eat healthy aswell. I do have to make sure we have enough easy, healthy options lying around though, as it’s so easy to be lazy and grab some ready to eat snack!
    I always fill a small lunch box with veggies and fruit to take to work, which helps a lot 🙂

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