Whole Food Nutrition

I never really considered the importance of fruit and veg and what it does for our bodies. I mean we all know that it’s important to eat them and have a variety but I never knew how it really benefited your body.

Throughout your day you can be exposed to multiple different factors that can be harmful to your body and could potentially lead you to become ill, yes I mean the C word! It is all linked. Our modern day diets are full of sugar and processed foods. Just because it says, “less sugar” or “low fat” doesn’t mean it’s better for you. I am no expert, I am no doctor, I only have a GCSE in biology but since changing my lifestyle for the better I have learnt and listened to people and professionals who know about it.

Check out this quick video!!

So it’s phytonutrients that make up the fruits and vegetables that are the important part, this is what helps the chemicals in our bodies to fight disease. The recommended daily allowance is now 7-13 servings a day, but realistically who can achieve that. Our lives are far to busy to be counting portions of fruit and veg but also it’s expensive to buy good, organic food. If you can then thats great, but the majority of us can’t and that is where Juice Plus can come in.

I am not claiming Juice Plus will cure you of anything but it most certainly can help you obtain better health. You can’t feel deterioration until something goes wrong. You may think your really healthy but you don’t know whats going on inside at a cellular level, until it’s too late (in some cases!)

There are thousands of nutritional supplements out there and it’s hard to know which one is right for you. All I say is…. Show me the science?! You can find all of the Juice Plus research here. They have over 30 independent scientific studies showing the benefits of our capsules. It simply is the best way to get an influx of whole food nutrition into your body adorably and quickly.

So whats happening to your body on a day to day basis? Your body produces Free Radicals every day. It’s a natural process. It happens from over drinking, exercising, traveling, pollution, eating processed foods and stress. This then damages your body, for example in the form of ageing.

free radical .png

By providing your body with whole food nutrition, vitamins and minerals you can minimise this effect. Juice Plus get’s absorbed by your body straight away and therefore get’s to work helping and supporting your cells. Essentially you can create a whole new you.

Did you know your skin cells replaces itself every 35 days?! So if every 35 days your old cells are replaced with already damaged new cells, you get ageing! Simple.

So Juice Plus has the variety essence of over 30 fruits, vegetables and berries in their little capsules. Organically grown with no pesticides and no added preservatives at all. The fruits and veg are then juiced, removing the sugar and excess water plus some fibre. It is then dried at a very low temperature to ensure they structure of the minerals and vitamins are kept in form. It’s then packaged into the casing and then distributed. Simple.

If you wold like more information or to ask any questions please head to my Shop or email me at sculptingthenewyou@outlook.com  – I would love to show you more of what can be achieved by simply adding whole food nutrition into your diet.

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