Sculpting the Elite You

As you may have noticed we have had a slight re-brand!! I am pleased to present Sculpting the Elite You.

The reason I have done this is to bring together the two aspects of my business. I was finding that my brand was getting a little lost. Sculpting the New You, as you know, is focused around health and nutrition. Show casing my journey, story and products. Well what you may not be aware of is the business element to my brand. As you may have noticed from some of the images I use, there is often a reference to the Elites. Well this is my business brand, the team that I am part of are called the Elites.

So inorder to bring these more together so it made sense when seeing Elite across my images, I decided to incorporate it into my health brand. So Sculpting the Elite You is here.

Head over to my Facebook and Twitter to see the New Brand in practice.

Any feedback is welcome.


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