Oh my god, I can not believe it is October already! How fast has this year gone.

Well as you may have noticed – New Month, New Challenge, New Goals.

October is all about Drop-toper and is about dropping a dress size and keeping it off, especially with party season coming up! Our support group is absolutely buzzing and everyone is getting involved. A few of the other reps have set themselves challenges, so I have decided to do the same! I am cutting out all the crap, that means not more late night sweet eating! I blame my boyfriend for this as he has the worst sweet tooth ever so in a bid to stop it I am saying NO! As well as this, I fancy going vegetarian for the month. I have been trying out a few different vegetarian meals and have surprisingly really enjoyed them. I was hoping it would become a regular thing but it never really stuck. Hopefully this month that will change. I hope to share my recipes and progress with you all as well.

In our support group we are starting up Measurement Monday – So in light of this I will be re-taking my measurements and pictures to help me keep track of my progress but also in a way of encouraging my customers to do the same.

I am really excited about this and I can’t wait to see how it goes. It’s a very busy month for me so it will be interesting. Wish me luck and please share any tips or vegetarian recipes you recommend. Any help would be appreciated.


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