Health and Fitness whilst on your period.

I wrote this blog post as part of my friends blog here is her link, please check it out… mine is one of a series of other posts. 

The dreaded time of the month, when your period hits. You get stomach cramps, bloating and you crave everything in sight, staying healthy can be a major test of your willpower. Not all is lost, if you can make a few adjustments to your eating habits, you don’t have to suffer that one week of a month.

When on your period, there are a few simple things you can do to help you through this time of the month, for example eating smaller portions more frequently. This will help to reduce your cravings and keep you at a happy medium of satisfaction. Also helping with any sickness you may get from cramps.

You should also be eating lean protein and fibre to help you blood sugar remain stable, which ultimately will help with your cravings. Again eating and drinking frequently will also help with your bloating as this relates to what you eat. If you drink sugary, carbonated drinks you will bloat more. You want to be looking for low salt foods plus whole foods such as nuts, fruits and vegetables. Try to avoid processed and packaged goods.

It is also very important to keep your iron levels up. During our periods many women lack the appropriate iron levels because we loose a lot of it when menstruating. You may find you crave more meat, like hamburgers but there are healthier choices. For example, you can have lentils, spinach, white rice, kidney beans or tomatoes to name a few.

Another little hint, is to drink some caffeine first thing in the morning! Coffee is a great choice as it does have some health benefits but you can also get your caffeine kick from fruit teas, especially green tea. Not only that but green tea is great for bloating and speeding up your metabolism which will aid weight loss.

Now to talk about exercise! A lot of ladies will avoid the gym during their period but really it’s a great idea as studies have shown that women feel better when moving. Being active can actually help the overall feeling of your periods, less cramping and a less heavy flow. Not only does sweating help to eliminate excess water, which helps resolve bloating, but endorphins also help to take your mind of any pain. The best form of exercise to do is HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). If your feeling groggy and tired exercise is always a great way for over coming this and actually can give you more energy, try working out first thing in the morning, setting you up for the day.

Many ladies will also pop a few paracetamol to help relive the pain of cramps during their period but exercising is a great natural way to combat this. If you prefer to do something a little less intense then Yoga is for you. Relaxing your body can help with your flow and there are certain positions to help with back pain and relive cramps.




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