Life Gets In the Way

Oh my goodness… I am so ashamed at how slack I have been with writing blogs… I was doing so well before and then things went slightly tits up! Excuse the french.

Things have just got so on top of me and all went a little crazy! October was a crazy month, especially as it was my birthday and I spent over a week celebrating. Then November I started a new full time job, on top of all my freelancing work and my health and nutrition business. Unfortunately that meant blogging got pushed to the side.

It’s now December and things have calmed down, but not for long. Christmas is always a very busy time of year. Seeing family and eating silly amounts of food!! This year is going to be rather special too, so I m super excited.

But a quick update: we have launched our Brand officially – The Elites has now got a brand new look and we have all the trimmings to go with it. We have a new recipe book, new plans and we are re-vamping out customer support group! So much to offer our existing and new clients. It’s something not to be missed.

So I have made the decision to make a commitment to you, my clients and myself that I will commit to writing and living the lifestyle. Minimum ONE blog a month is not difficult! Why wait until Jan 1st…. I am going for it now!! Not only that but I have once again had my arm twisted into running not one but three half marathons next year. So training is in full swing now… I have even signed up for a gym membership! I used to say I would never do that because it’s a waste of money seeing as you can do a lot yourself, but I wanted to train with my friend, start now when the weather is pants and also start adding some weights into my workouts! So far so good, am absolutely loving it.

Look forward to having your support. 💕 Please contact me if you have any hints and tips to make my training better!

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