New year resolutions 

So how many of you made new year resolutions and 6 days in thought “nah, forget that!” I can imagine quite a few of us. Having a goal and sticking to it is becoming increasingly harder and harder. If it’s not peer pressure making you cave then it’s the media and day to day marketing!

I made my New Years resolution a good few days before and it was rather simple. I am now a vegetarian or pescitarian…. no meat for the rest of time 🙈 I have considered the idea for a while, I even gave myself the challenge of going veggie in October which I really enjoyed! Since then I have had some meat not a lot, but found i didn’t even want it. This has made my decision easier. I have lots of people turn their nose up at me, or said that I am being ridiculous, you know the drill I am sure. People have even told me, you can’t be healthy on a vegetarian diet! Say what!! Sometimes I have no faith in people.

I won’t lie, there have been some occasions when I look over at my boyfriends plate (usually when out) and think “oh I could easily have a bite of that!” Then have to remember no! 😂 So apart from that I haven’t actually missed meat or even noticed I haven’t been eating it and I honestly am loving the lifestyle. Yes it has been a little hard, like I have noticed I am a little more tired but I know this is just my body adjusting! I am experimenting with food and trying new things but I still think I am playing things safe with my food choices. It’s hard to find things that aren’t bread based or full of cheese! So I much prefer making my own things. Thank god I got given a few veggie cookbooks for Christmas!

I have also made a huge effort to start to get myself organised and in a better place to focus on my new lifestyle and business. I am in the process of literally gutting my flat of all the junk, I have written myself a timetable, yes timetable to help show me where I am wasting time with useless activities. But this has also helped me find the time to fit in my workouts and concentrate on my half marathon training! I am a lot more focused which is helping everything else fall into place. Not to mention I now have a WEDDING to plan!! So my life has just got super busy but super exciting and I am so grateful and excited to see how it all pans out!

Any meal tips or ideas then please recommend them…. if you would like to try anything I have made then get in touch or check out my datebook page for more regular updates and meal ideas!

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