Fab Abs February

So be truly honest with yourself… Did you put as much time and effort into your New Years resolutions as you said you would? Did you fall of the band wagon and not get back up? Did  you allow yourself too many excuses… it’s raining, it’s cold, I can’t be bothered?

Well, it’s never too late to start again. Giving up is what failure is… We all have our moments when we feel like curling up into a ball and forgetting the world but what is that really doing for you. Exercise releases endorphins – which we all know can help better your mood. So surely when your feeling crap and down thats even more reason to get up and get moving. I am guilty of it too, no way am I perfect but the more you do something when you don’t want to the better you will get and these moments will become less frequent.

So my team and I have decided to go for FAB ABS FEB – this is focusing on our abs and going for it… Doing some ab exercises everyday! Obviously it is now day 3 so we have already been going 2 days but you can catch up. You can either do whatever exercises you like but do them every day – morning or night! Or you can follow a bit of a plan – Contact me for more details. In our Facebook Support group we have been going LIVE so we can all do it together and it really helps. Picking three exercises and doing 1 min bursts of each…

It’s great fun and it’s a great way to feel part of something from your own home! I will be sharing weekly progress pics so don’t forget to follow me on social media! (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) Also feel free to join in and tag me in your progress… I would love to see them!

It’s not even a 30 day challenge because it’s FEB!! So you can so do it 💪🏻


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