Action April

So I haven’t written for a while – I do apologise! Things have just been crazy. I don’t want to make excuses but I just kept putting it off, putting it down my priorities list, which is not good. This is important to me and I need to use it more. I guess I have been going through a little identity crisis and therefore wasn’t sure what to do or even write. My confidence likes to wobble every now and then, making me question why am I doing certain things, as its more than likely no body cares. But I remember, it’s not about you – no offence, it’s about me. I want and need to share my journey and this is how I chose to do it. By doing this, if I help one other person to make a change then that is all that matters.

So, in order to help myself I thought about things that I really care about and why? What do I want my future to look like, what would my perfect day be? My mentor even told me to think about what others think about you, if they need advice what would they be calling you about? These are super hard questions, especially for someone who struggles with trying not to care what others think. (Something I have been working on) I decided to turn to my fiancé, who sat with me and we talked. We talked about all sorts, we went off on little tangents but with some help from my close friends too, eventually it dawned on me. I am a caring and thoughtful person, people come to me because I am kind and cleaver. My friends words, “Your an absolute babe, and brilliant hilarious. Your the kindest and most caring person I know. You have both brains and beauty.” – She is such an amazing person for saying these things to me, it was just want I needed and wanted to hear. My heart filled with so much love and gratefulness to have someone like that in my life. I have now, decided to let my personality shine through. I invite you on this journey with me. I want to learn about all sorts and share my findings with you.

Since starting my weightless journey, I have also been on a great journey of self discovery. I have become knowledgable in food and what we should and shouldn’t eat. I have been on a spiritual journey that has taught me about mediation, crystals and yoga. All things I now have a passion for. I have also discovered a lot about my body and fitness, trying new and different things. This is what I want to share with you. If you have any certain topics or ideas of yourself please get in touch. I would love to learn with you.

Thank you, Peace and Love 💕

action april

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