Consistency is key!

Hi everyone, I want to apologise yet AGAIN for the lack of writing! I know I am awful…

It’s been a super busy year with all my different work, planning my wedding and various daily things happening all over the place. Not to mention the 5 holidays I have been on this year so far! Like I always say I don’t want to make excuses… Anyway I am back and this time for real.

So I will admit, like any normal person I fell off the wagon. Even though exercise and being healthy is part of my normal every day life – I stopped the important things. My diet started to go out of whack, I was having more cheat meals and eating a lot more processed food. My exercise too, going from the gym or working out most days to doing nothing but coming home from work and being on the sofa!

I got myself into a little rut…and it can happen to all of us! We are only human, but I know better than anyone how important consistency is… You can’t wish for results and hope to see them, you have to put some work in! So as we are only a few days into August I made some new goals and plans – I started a boot camp which is three times a week, to help get me back into it and I have also re-committed to doing 10 mins of yoga every morning! I am eating much cleaner and cutting out all the biscuits and chocolate.

So far it’s only been a few days but am feeling much better for it already! If you’re in the same spot as me and need a helping hand – Please reach out to me, I am always happy to help anyone.

Peace and Love


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