Home Workout

When I started my fitness lifestyle the one thing I found the hardest was getting to the gym. I had no car and not really enough money to be spending on a Gym membership anyway. This forced me to find other ways to workout, so I started doing what I can at home and running on the street. After I started seeing results, I couldn’t think why I ever felt I needed a gym. The times that I have gone to the gym, I felt awkward and uncomfortable, like I shouldn’t be there. So why bother to put myself through that when I can do what I want at home and no-one has to see me.

I often get asked how I stay motivated not going to the gym but for me it’s part of my lifestyle and being at home makes it easier… I don’t have to think about the 10 min car journey to get there, the stinky changing rooms or the odd looks from people also working out. Being at home made sense for me, so I made these videos for other people to see what I do and how I do it but also that you don’t need to be spending money on a gym membership.

So here is my first  H O M E  W O R K O U T  V I D E O

I am super excited to be sharing these with you! Please don’t expect anything too fancy from me, at the moment this is the best I can produce with the equipment I have. I hope to invest in the near future and start making better quality ones.

Also I do not claim to be a professional but I have a long history of sports and fitness. This is what I have done and am doing now and I wanted to share my journey in a way my followers could gain value from! Hope you enjoy it.

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