Being a vegetarian

I have been a vegetarian for over 8 months now, it was my new years resolution and I have loved every minute of it. I must admit I have had one or two slips over the 8 months but I honestly don’t think that’s so bad. However it’s recently that I have had more and more cravings for meat. For example the other day it was my brothers birthday and we had a BBQ on the beach to celebrate. Obviously they cooked a lot of meat, burgers, sausages, ribs etc but I couldn’t help but want some. All I had was vegetable kebabs, which don’t get me wrong were amazing but unsatisfying. I mean my mum, bless her, made them and cooked them so they were quite plain and boring. I personally would have added some seasoning, or even sauce to give them some more flavour. I couldn’t help watching my brothers eat their burgers with a small amount of jealousy.

I know that me craving meat, may mean my body is feeling a bit deficient in something but I am not 100% sure what. I don’t want to go back to eating meat, because I feel so much better for it. I feel lighter, healthier and less lethargic after eating. I still haven’t been very adventurous with my cook and still have a lot to learn so I hope I can continue on my quest and dive even deeper into my love of being a vegetarian.

Today it is my Auntie’s birthday and we will be heading round there for dinner. She is also a vegetarian so I always look forward to going as there is also some exotic meal to try.

Any other vegetarians out there that can help me? Please feel free to give me your hints and tips on what I can do to control my cravings and find some new recipes to try and mix it up. One thing I don’t do is use quorn products as a meat alternative, perhaps this will curb my cravings as I trick my body into thinking I am eating meat. Lol.


Consistency is key!

Hi everyone, I want to apologise yet AGAIN for the lack of writing! I know I am awful…

It’s been a super busy year with all my different work, planning my wedding and various daily things happening all over the place. Not to mention the 5 holidays I have been on this year so far! Like I always say I don’t want to make excuses… Anyway I am back and this time for real.

So I will admit, like any normal person I fell off the wagon. Even though exercise and being healthy is part of my normal every day life – I stopped the important things. My diet started to go out of whack, I was having more cheat meals and eating a lot more processed food. My exercise too, going from the gym or working out most days to doing nothing but coming home from work and being on the sofa!

I got myself into a little rut…and it can happen to all of us! We are only human, but I know better than anyone how important consistency is… You can’t wish for results and hope to see them, you have to put some work in! So as we are only a few days into August I made some new goals and plans – I started a boot camp which is three times a week, to help get me back into it and I have also re-committed to doing 10 mins of yoga every morning! I am eating much cleaner and cutting out all the biscuits and chocolate.

So far it’s only been a few days but am feeling much better for it already! If you’re in the same spot as me and need a helping hand – Please reach out to me, I am always happy to help anyone.

Peace and Love


Action April

So I haven’t written for a while – I do apologise! Things have just been crazy. I don’t want to make excuses but I just kept putting it off, putting it down my priorities list, which is not good. This is important to me and I need to use it more. I guess I have been going through a little identity crisis and therefore wasn’t sure what to do or even write. My confidence likes to wobble every now and then, making me question why am I doing certain things, as its more than likely no body cares. But I remember, it’s not about you – no offence, it’s about me. I want and need to share my journey and this is how I chose to do it. By doing this, if I help one other person to make a change then that is all that matters.

So, in order to help myself I thought about things that I really care about and why? What do I want my future to look like, what would my perfect day be? My mentor even told me to think about what others think about you, if they need advice what would they be calling you about? These are super hard questions, especially for someone who struggles with trying not to care what others think. (Something I have been working on) I decided to turn to my fiancé, who sat with me and we talked. We talked about all sorts, we went off on little tangents but with some help from my close friends too, eventually it dawned on me. I am a caring and thoughtful person, people come to me because I am kind and cleaver. My friends words, “Your an absolute babe, and brilliant hilarious. Your the kindest and most caring person I know. You have both brains and beauty.” – She is such an amazing person for saying these things to me, it was just want I needed and wanted to hear. My heart filled with so much love and gratefulness to have someone like that in my life. I have now, decided to let my personality shine through. I invite you on this journey with me. I want to learn about all sorts and share my findings with you.

Since starting my weightless journey, I have also been on a great journey of self discovery. I have become knowledgable in food and what we should and shouldn’t eat. I have been on a spiritual journey that has taught me about mediation, crystals and yoga. All things I now have a passion for. I have also discovered a lot about my body and fitness, trying new and different things. This is what I want to share with you. If you have any certain topics or ideas of yourself please get in touch. I would love to learn with you.

Thank you, Peace and Love 💕

action april


So yesterday was RESULTS day for all our clients taking part in the #E45S – (Elite 45 Day Shred) and wow they are incredible.

It was amazing to see so many peoples transformations and how far they have come in such a short space of time, but it’s amazing to see what adding whole food nutrition into your diet can do. Weight loss is one of the most popular reasons for using the product but it is not the only way to use it. Our shakes where actually designed for athletes and sports people, it wasn’t until someone adapted the plan for weight loss did it then come about. With this is mind, we are not a shake diet but a lifestyle change. I have been on the products for almost 4 years and I am still loving them – I am not loosing weight any more but keeping a healthy and balanced diet. The products just help me to do this.

Who wants to see some results then? 🚫WARNING – UNDERWEAR SHOTS


16684300_1254401021316650_6416936558241590784_nThese are just a few shots of some of the reps and customers within our group! Including my own. I have seen great results since the start of the year – I became vegetarian and I have been a lot more determined this year. I still have some progress to make but I am really happy with the way things are going.

If your reading this and thinking I would love to achieve results like that or you simply want some help and guidance then please do not hesitate to get in touch! I can help you as long as your willing!

Check out my Facebook page now for more results and help – Message me there for a quicker response.

Fab Abs February

So be truly honest with yourself… Did you put as much time and effort into your New Years resolutions as you said you would? Did you fall of the band wagon and not get back up? Did  you allow yourself too many excuses… it’s raining, it’s cold, I can’t be bothered?

Well, it’s never too late to start again. Giving up is what failure is… We all have our moments when we feel like curling up into a ball and forgetting the world but what is that really doing for you. Exercise releases endorphins – which we all know can help better your mood. So surely when your feeling crap and down thats even more reason to get up and get moving. I am guilty of it too, no way am I perfect but the more you do something when you don’t want to the better you will get and these moments will become less frequent.

So my team and I have decided to go for FAB ABS FEB – this is focusing on our abs and going for it… Doing some ab exercises everyday! Obviously it is now day 3 so we have already been going 2 days but you can catch up. You can either do whatever exercises you like but do them every day – morning or night! Or you can follow a bit of a plan – Contact me for more details. In our Facebook Support group we have been going LIVE so we can all do it together and it really helps. Picking three exercises and doing 1 min bursts of each…

It’s great fun and it’s a great way to feel part of something from your own home! I will be sharing weekly progress pics so don’t forget to follow me on social media! (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) Also feel free to join in and tag me in your progress… I would love to see them!

It’s not even a 30 day challenge because it’s FEB!! So you can so do it 💪🏻


New year resolutions 

So how many of you made new year resolutions and 6 days in thought “nah, forget that!” I can imagine quite a few of us. Having a goal and sticking to it is becoming increasingly harder and harder. If it’s not peer pressure making you cave then it’s the media and day to day marketing!

I made my New Years resolution a good few days before and it was rather simple. I am now a vegetarian or pescitarian…. no meat for the rest of time 🙈 I have considered the idea for a while, I even gave myself the challenge of going veggie in October which I really enjoyed! Since then I have had some meat not a lot, but found i didn’t even want it. This has made my decision easier. I have lots of people turn their nose up at me, or said that I am being ridiculous, you know the drill I am sure. People have even told me, you can’t be healthy on a vegetarian diet! Say what!! Sometimes I have no faith in people.

I won’t lie, there have been some occasions when I look over at my boyfriends plate (usually when out) and think “oh I could easily have a bite of that!” Then have to remember no! 😂 So apart from that I haven’t actually missed meat or even noticed I haven’t been eating it and I honestly am loving the lifestyle. Yes it has been a little hard, like I have noticed I am a little more tired but I know this is just my body adjusting! I am experimenting with food and trying new things but I still think I am playing things safe with my food choices. It’s hard to find things that aren’t bread based or full of cheese! So I much prefer making my own things. Thank god I got given a few veggie cookbooks for Christmas!

I have also made a huge effort to start to get myself organised and in a better place to focus on my new lifestyle and business. I am in the process of literally gutting my flat of all the junk, I have written myself a timetable, yes timetable to help show me where I am wasting time with useless activities. But this has also helped me find the time to fit in my workouts and concentrate on my half marathon training! I am a lot more focused which is helping everything else fall into place. Not to mention I now have a WEDDING to plan!! So my life has just got super busy but super exciting and I am so grateful and excited to see how it all pans out!

Any meal tips or ideas then please recommend them…. if you would like to try anything I have made then get in touch or check out my datebook page for more regular updates and meal ideas!

Life Gets In the Way

Oh my goodness… I am so ashamed at how slack I have been with writing blogs… I was doing so well before and then things went slightly tits up! Excuse the french.

Things have just got so on top of me and all went a little crazy! October was a crazy month, especially as it was my birthday and I spent over a week celebrating. Then November I started a new full time job, on top of all my freelancing work and my health and nutrition business. Unfortunately that meant blogging got pushed to the side.

It’s now December and things have calmed down, but not for long. Christmas is always a very busy time of year. Seeing family and eating silly amounts of food!! This year is going to be rather special too, so I m super excited.

But a quick update: we have launched our Brand officially – The Elites has now got a brand new look and we have all the trimmings to go with it. We have a new recipe book, new plans and we are re-vamping out customer support group! So much to offer our existing and new clients. It’s something not to be missed.

So I have made the decision to make a commitment to you, my clients and myself that I will commit to writing and living the lifestyle. Minimum ONE blog a month is not difficult! Why wait until Jan 1st…. I am going for it now!! Not only that but I have once again had my arm twisted into running not one but three half marathons next year. So training is in full swing now… I have even signed up for a gym membership! I used to say I would never do that because it’s a waste of money seeing as you can do a lot yourself, but I wanted to train with my friend, start now when the weather is pants and also start adding some weights into my workouts! So far so good, am absolutely loving it.

Look forward to having your support. 💕 Please contact me if you have any hints and tips to make my training better!

Health and Fitness whilst on your period.

I wrote this blog post as part of my friends blog here is her link, please check it out… mine is one of a series of other posts. 

The dreaded time of the month, when your period hits. You get stomach cramps, bloating and you crave everything in sight, staying healthy can be a major test of your willpower. Not all is lost, if you can make a few adjustments to your eating habits, you don’t have to suffer that one week of a month.

When on your period, there are a few simple things you can do to help you through this time of the month, for example eating smaller portions more frequently. This will help to reduce your cravings and keep you at a happy medium of satisfaction. Also helping with any sickness you may get from cramps.

You should also be eating lean protein and fibre to help you blood sugar remain stable, which ultimately will help with your cravings. Again eating and drinking frequently will also help with your bloating as this relates to what you eat. If you drink sugary, carbonated drinks you will bloat more. You want to be looking for low salt foods plus whole foods such as nuts, fruits and vegetables. Try to avoid processed and packaged goods.

It is also very important to keep your iron levels up. During our periods many women lack the appropriate iron levels because we loose a lot of it when menstruating. You may find you crave more meat, like hamburgers but there are healthier choices. For example, you can have lentils, spinach, white rice, kidney beans or tomatoes to name a few.

Another little hint, is to drink some caffeine first thing in the morning! Coffee is a great choice as it does have some health benefits but you can also get your caffeine kick from fruit teas, especially green tea. Not only that but green tea is great for bloating and speeding up your metabolism which will aid weight loss.

Now to talk about exercise! A lot of ladies will avoid the gym during their period but really it’s a great idea as studies have shown that women feel better when moving. Being active can actually help the overall feeling of your periods, less cramping and a less heavy flow. Not only does sweating help to eliminate excess water, which helps resolve bloating, but endorphins also help to take your mind of any pain. The best form of exercise to do is HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). If your feeling groggy and tired exercise is always a great way for over coming this and actually can give you more energy, try working out first thing in the morning, setting you up for the day.

Many ladies will also pop a few paracetamol to help relive the pain of cramps during their period but exercising is a great natural way to combat this. If you prefer to do something a little less intense then Yoga is for you. Relaxing your body can help with your flow and there are certain positions to help with back pain and relive cramps.






Oh my god, I can not believe it is October already! How fast has this year gone.

Well as you may have noticed – New Month, New Challenge, New Goals.

October is all about Drop-toper and is about dropping a dress size and keeping it off, especially with party season coming up! Our support group is absolutely buzzing and everyone is getting involved. A few of the other reps have set themselves challenges, so I have decided to do the same! I am cutting out all the crap, that means not more late night sweet eating! I blame my boyfriend for this as he has the worst sweet tooth ever so in a bid to stop it I am saying NO! As well as this, I fancy going vegetarian for the month. I have been trying out a few different vegetarian meals and have surprisingly really enjoyed them. I was hoping it would become a regular thing but it never really stuck. Hopefully this month that will change. I hope to share my recipes and progress with you all as well.

In our support group we are starting up Measurement Monday – So in light of this I will be re-taking my measurements and pictures to help me keep track of my progress but also in a way of encouraging my customers to do the same.

I am really excited about this and I can’t wait to see how it goes. It’s a very busy month for me so it will be interesting. Wish me luck and please share any tips or vegetarian recipes you recommend. Any help would be appreciated.


Sculpting the Elite You

As you may have noticed we have had a slight re-brand!! I am pleased to present Sculpting the Elite You.

The reason I have done this is to bring together the two aspects of my business. I was finding that my brand was getting a little lost. Sculpting the New You, as you know, is focused around health and nutrition. Show casing my journey, story and products. Well what you may not be aware of is the business element to my brand. As you may have noticed from some of the images I use, there is often a reference to the Elites. Well this is my business brand, the team that I am part of are called the Elites.

So inorder to bring these more together so it made sense when seeing Elite across my images, I decided to incorporate it into my health brand. So Sculpting the Elite You is here.

Head over to my Facebook and Twitter to see the New Brand in practice.

Any feedback is welcome.