Day 2

So far so good, am really enjoying my morning routine! Start it off with some yoga and then onto my inner thigh challenge and I am also taking part in our All-Out August challenge which you can see more of on my Facebook page.

I had forgotten to take my measurements when I started but I have some from July and my thighs were 22inches (at the biggest part) and today they were 21.7inches. So it’s going well…. I look forward to updating my results. Hopefully this challenge along with my other workouts and exercise will help to sort it out. It’s the one part of my body I am still not happy with and it frustrates me a lot sometimes.

It doesn’t help when the weather is hot, like recently in Eastbourne, everything you wear is uncomfortable and when your thighs rub it’s never nice. I must admit, I was a lot bigger before and the annoyance was a lot worse, so I am very happy with my progress but if I can just get this last part under control I will be ecstatic!

If anyone else has any tips about how to combat this area I would love the input. I have always wondered about weights but been too worried they would make my legs bigger, however I have been speaking with a few people and they seem to suggest that some weight is good. So I have gone and bought some ankle weights. I know it’s not much but perhaps it will give me that little bit more resistance. Fingers crossed.


Sweaty Betty with my morning workout Shake and Peppermint Tea

As you can see from the picture above I am also incorporating my plant based shakes and herbal green tea! This is a great combo to add into your routine for extra nutritional boost and help with recovery but also to increase my fat burning and metabolism. The shakes contain the nutrients and minerals from 17 varieties of fruit and veg. Not only does this help with your energy levels but also floods your body with bio-available vitamins and nutrients your body needs after exercise. The shakes are great for breakfast as well. Please feel free to ask me more information. There are a few Olympic teams and athletes that also take our products, plus plenty of scientific research.

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