Day 27

The last few days I have been a little slack unfortunately. My routine has a spanner thrown in but it’s all good, back to it today!

I took my measurements again my thighs are now reading 21.2!!! I thought it would have been more but so far so good… if by the end i can get below 21 I will over the moon and it hopefully it won’t stop there! I love living a healthy lifestyle and will continue to workout. If I keep incorporating some of the moves from the challenge technically I should see further results.


With the help of my whole food nutrition to help with my results and muscle repair, I am feeling on top of the world. The best thing I have noticed the most is my bum. It’s got perkier and rounder! (Sorry for the details)

Today I followed my workout with my Juice Plus capsules, jam packed with over 30 different fruits and vegetables and a small cheeky salad. The feeling you get from being healthy and active is amazing.

Looking forward to sharing my results pictures.

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