Day 4

So I slept in this morning! As soon as my alarm went off I hit dismiss, knowing i would probably regret it and that I should get up but I was sleepy after a late night of work and it was so cosy and comfy! So I stayed for a little longer and went back to sleep for an hour or so. Was actually really nice and I feel good for it now.

Anyway…. I did my yoga! Oh what a huge fail. I decided to try a different youtube video, you know i like to try new moves and mix it. I really find it difficult to do the same exercises over and over, well I won’t make that mistake again. The first video I picked, went far to quickly and I couldn’t keep up. Even though it said for beginners. Hardly any description on what you should be doing as well. The second one, was ok but still pretty rubbish. I didn’t feel I accomplished anything.

Anyway, I went on to the inner thigh challenge, which actually isn’t that bad. My legs are a little sore from yesterday but that is all good. No pain, no gain! I really really hope to see some improvement and changes! Let’s hope I can keep it up as well!



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