Inner Thigh Challenge

My biggest problem area my thighs and inner thighs! For some reason they are the only part of me that won’t tone or shift some of the fat. I have been on my weight loss journey for over 3 years now and have loved every minute of it… I have noticed my legs and thighs change shape, even my bum has but only ever so slightly and I have seemed to of hit a wall now. Which is frustrating.

So I know different exercises to target that area and I know running will help. Where I have been quite slack, or busy with working three jobs, I just haven’t kept up with my running. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working out so to see no difference is kind of deflating me. So i decided to do something about it… I want some real results. As we all do I went and found a 30 day inner thigh challenge!!

Today was day 1! I am going to be writing little daily follow ups to not only keep me motivated and on track but also to hopefully show and see some real results. If you want to join in please do.

So these exercises target the whole leg really but are perfect for toning the inner and outer thigh which are the most common problem areas!

Here we go!

Remember to always warm up/ stretch and warm down. Repeat each circuit 3 times.


Photo on 24-08-2016 at 10.09.jpg

1. 15 Sumo Squats – Stand with your feet wider than your hips, toes slightly turned out. Squat down keeping your knees behind your toes and back straight.

Photo on 24-08-2016 at 10.09 #2

2. Fire Hydrant – Get down on all fours, elbows slightly bent. Shoulders should be parallel to the ground at a 90 degree angle. Keeping the knee bent, raise one leg at a time to the side – Repeat on other side.

Photo on 24-08-2016 at 10.11.jpg

3. Inner Thigh Lift – Lie on one side, with elbow bent. Bend your top leg over and place in front of your knee. Using your inner thigh to lift your leg, keeping your toe flexed. Slowly lower – Repeat with other leg.


Photo on 24-08-2016 at 10.12 #3

4. Skater Lunge – Reverse lunge with your leg lightly bent. Leap from side to side bringing the opposite leg behind you. Keep you knees bent but behind your toes and stay as low as possible.

5. Pile Squats – Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width (similar to sumo squat). Keep abs and back pulled tight. Squeeze your bum to push back up.

Photo on 24-08-2016 at 10.13.jpg

6. Side Scissor Kicks – Lying on your side with your arm flat and legs extended on top of each other. Engage your abs and bum to raise your top leg up and hold. Lift your other leg off the floor to meet it. Pause and slowly return both to starting position – Repeat other side.


7. Step Ups – Using a box (optional) place your first leg on the box and stand up. Bring your other leg up, knee up towards chest and step back down – Repeat with alternate leg.

Photo on 24-08-2016 at 10.14.jpg

8. Side Lunges – Stand with your feet and knees together, take a large step to the side and bend your knee into a lunge. Keep your knee behind your toes and other leg straight. Push off your bent leg to return to start – Alternate legs.

Photo on 24-08-2016 at 10.14 #2.jpg

9. Curtsy Squat – Stand with your legs hips distance apart. Bring your leg behind you into a curtsy position and get as low as you can, stand back up – Alternate legs.



You will most certainly work up a sweat and feel the burn! Don’t forget to check out my workout videos as well.

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